Burn-Out Syndrome and Vocational Commitment: A Conceptual Study on Pre-School Teachers

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Fatma (Kavşut) Arslantürk


In the present-day work environment, burn-out syndrome and vocational commitment are among theconcepts that have begun to attract the attention of many scholars not only in the field of managementbut also in other fields such as education as well. The main reason for the very popularity of these twoconcepts can be put down to the work settings or environment requiring more and more humaninteraction. Especially, in the service sector, where human to human interaction is in its summit, theconcepts of burn-out and vocational commitment gained more and more popularity. On the other hand,there is no doubt that pre-schooling occupies the most important phase of development in people’s life.Ranging from the cognitive to motor skills, pre-schooling is for sure the indispensable part of anacademic life of any given person. The labour and service intensive structure of pre-schooling period,especially from the perspective of teachers, brings the interaction to the fore and at this very point inorder to sustain effectiveness and efficiency of the service-providers; that is, teachers, the two conceptunder consideration deserve a closer approach in terms of the relation of teaching. This in mind, themain objective of this study is to shed light on the concepts of burn-out and vocational commitment andthen to examine the relation of the concepts with specific reference to pre-school teachers.

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