Group Model Building: A Systematic Review of the Literature

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Ali Haji Gholam Saryazdi
Ali Rajabzadeh Ghatari
Ali Naghi Mashayekhi
Alireza Hassanzadeh


System dynamics is a method for the model building of complex socioeconomic phenomena. One of the important sources of information is the mental model. Group model building was devised to extract mental models. Since this modeling method was proposed for the first time, it has been applied by many researchers, and a lot of research has been conducted about how to practice it, its instructions, and their evaluation. This paper seeks to make a comprehensive review of the literature associated with this method. To achieve this goal, a systematic review is made of 156 articles published until 2017 on group model building, the findings of those studies are summed up, and their orientation pattern is determined through identifying the focuses of attention of researchers. Finally, the existing research gaps are identified and explained, and some suggestions are given for future research in the field of group model building.

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