A Conceptualisation of Innovative Organisation of an ICT Company: A Focus on the Impact of ‘İnnovative Milieu

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Hiroko Oe
Anh Vo Son


Purpose: This paper investigates key elements for supporting strategic management behaviour with actionable implications for multinational corporations in the ICT business sector. Design/methodology/approach: Samsung was chosen as a research case. A qualitative approach was applied to this study to develop a discussion framework with key elements which support innovative organisational behaviour. Findings: From an analysis of secondary data of academic discussions relating with business behaviour of Samsung, five key themes were developed (e.g., Direction and driving force; Understanding the market; Management system; Organisational strategies; Review & evaluation). Further discussions were expanded from the framework with five key themes revealed a catalytic factor to foster an innovative behaviour of the organisation. Discussions: It has been found that close communications with stakeholders and the impact of innovative milieu should be a catalytic factor to enhance dynamic innovative actions within the organisation. Especially in the competitive ICT business sector, it has been suggested that the inter-organisational and internal learning attitudes covering both individuals and organisational proactiveness should be focused to sustain the businesses. Moreover, organisational innovation can be achieved from the collaborative ‘innovative milieu’ which enhances the proactive innovations.

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