The Impact of Abuja Urban Mass Transit Scheme on Transportation Problem Mitigation in Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

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Adewale E. Adegoriola


This study investigates the impact of mass transit scheme on transportation problem alleviation in Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja. In order to achieve the objectives of the study, survey method of research design was adopted to sample the opinion of some residents of in FCT through the probability sampling method. A structured questionnaire was used with the following variables; existence of peak hours, insufficient affordable transport, traffic conjunctions, nature of the roads and high cost of transport in FCT. The logit probability methodology was employed to analyze the data in order to know the impact of mass transit scheme introduced by Federal Capital Territory Administration. To ascertain the reliability of the instruments, Cronbach’s Alpha test was conducted which gave values greater than 0.5. Findings from the study revealed that Existences of peak hours, traffic conjunctions and nature of road have negative but significant impact with transportation problem alleviation in FCT. Insufficient affordable transport has positively and significant impact with transportation problem alleviation while cost of transportation is positively but insignificant impact transportation problem alleviation. It was recommended that the FCTA should ensure the enforcement of law that prohibit streets and highways trading in enhance free flow of traffic during peak hours, provision of adequate safe parking space for private and commercial vehicles. Finally, FCTA should put high priority on the construction of more roads and wider roads with at least three lanes as well as rehabilitation of existing ones.

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