Organisational Leadership on Implementation of Strategic Plans in Tanzania’s Local Government Authorities

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Jabir Namıundu
Venance Shıllıngı
Eliza Mwakasangula


The study determine the the influence of organisational leadership on the implementation of strategic plans in Tanzania’s Local Government Authorities (LGAs). The study used Pragmatism as the philosophy where a survey design was adopted using mixed methods particularly explanatory sequential strategy and time horizon was cross-sectional which allowed data to be collected at a single point of time. Both quantitative and qualitative methods and tools were applicable to triangulate the study finding. The sample size of 155 respondents drawn from target population of 290 employees in selected five (5) local government Authorities in Morogoro Region. Data were collected using questionnaires and interviews; and thereafter quantitative data analysed through descriptive and inferential statistics while qualitative data were analyzed through content analysis. The study revealed that, organisational leadership contributes about 27.5% of all initiatives on implementing strategic plans in Local Government Authorities while 72.5% is explained by other factors which were not studied. Therefore, organisational leadership do influence impleimentation of strategic plans in Tanzania’s LGAs; and hece, LGAs should encourage leadership that may create effective implementation of strategies by imparting skills on supervising and coordinating subordinates in their organization.

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