The Role of Negative Ties in Understanding the Link Between Social Networks and Organizational Creativity

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Ayşın Paşamehmetoğlu


The aim of this study is to develop propositions for determining the relationship between negative ties of social networks and organizational creativity and to examine the effects of organizational networks on organizational creativity from an interpretative research perspective by considering negative bonds. Firstly, the basic information in the literature on organizational change and organizational networks was examined. Then, propositions were developed for determining the relationship between social networks and organizational creativity by considering the negative ties. To be competitive, organizations must also be innovative, making organizational creativity a crucial capability. Accordingly, the past decade has seen increasing attention among scholars in the field of creativity. Most of the organizational network studies focus on positive ties and relations obtained through ties that reflect relational forces and they ignore the differential factors that arise as a result of negative ties. In this context, the importance of negative ties was discussed. The interpretative approach tries to find answers to research questions with theoretical explanations in cases where there is not much information about the concept for the first time to reveal the theoretical relationship of the concepts specified in the current literature.

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